Genesis G80 vs Lexus ES

2021 Genesis G80 Tasman Blue City Genesis of Dublin

In searching for your next sedan, you’ll want to find one that provides a luxurious experience on the Columbus, Dublin, and Powell, OH, roadways. Two options that are sure to provide this premium experience are the Genesis G80 and the Lexus ES. These vehicles will arm you with a comfortable yet incredibly sporty ride.

So, which of these two sedans will perform better? Our team at Genesis of Dublin will get to the bottom of that question in this Genesis G80 vs. Lexus ES vehicle comparison.

Power & Performance

2021 Genesis G80 AltaWhite Genesis of DublinPerhaps the most important area to explore in these two sedans is the engines they boast under their respective hoods. The Lexus ES and the Genesis G80 both feature 2.5L 4-cylinder engines that power their performance.

While these engines are very similar, there are slight differences in their outputs. The Lexus ES only produces 203 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque, while the Genesis G80 is able to pump out 300 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque.

Space & Dimensions

2021 Genesis G80 Interior Cabin Space Genesis of DublinYou’ll also want to compare the dimensions of these two luxury sedans. These measurements could weigh heavily in determining how comfortable and versatile the ride. The Genesis G80 features a larger passenger volume of 104 cubic feet, while the Lexus ES features a passenger volume of 100 cubic feet.

So, while both sedans will be able to seat up to five passengers, the Genesis G80 will do so more comfortably.


Genesis G80

Lexus ES

41.1 inches

Headroom (front)

37.5 inches

38.1 inches

Headroom (rear)

37.8 inches

42.5 inches

Legroom (front)

42.4 inches

Technology & Amenities

2021 Genesis G80 Interior Tech Genesis of DublinSpeaking of comfort, you’ll want to learn more about the technology and amenities at work inside the cabins of these two sedans. In terms of comfort and convenience, both of these impressive sedan options come with power adjustable heated front seats. These will enable you to find your ideal seating position and temperature on those cold winter mornings.

Additionally, the Lexus ES and the Genesis G80’s adjustable seats feature a memory system to ensure it’s easy to find your ideal seating position each and every drive. This feature will store the info necessary to recall your previous seat setting, taking the guesswork out of adjusting your seat every time you get into the vehicle.

The Genesis G80 and the Lexus ES also come with other tech to improve the convenience of your drive. For example, the rain-sensing windshield wipers present in both models help detect rain and keep your windshield clear., although they’re standard on the Genesis G80 and only available on the Lexus ES. Plus, the G80 comes with speed-sensitive wipers, so your convenience here will be elevated even further.

Genesis G80 vs Lexus ES: Which Is for You?

Impressed by these two sedans after reading this Genesis G80 vs. Lexus ES comparison? While both options prove luxurious, our team at Genesis of Dublin believes the Genesis G80 is the better option for Columbus, Dublin, and Powell, Ohio, drivers. The Genesis vehicle will provide a premium experience thanks to its great design and engineering.

Ready for a test drive? If so, then come visit us today and we’ll have you out roaming the roads in style in no time!